Sandwiched between Sweden and Russia, Finland is known for its icy lakes, wild reindeer and bright northern lights. In this country, saunas are a big part of everyday life. A sauna is a bath involving a spell in a hot steamy room which is usually heated to about 70-100 degrees Celsius with a humidity that doesn’t exceed 20%, and regulated by good fresh air and water on hot stones. A steamy bath is seen as a necessity, not a luxury – which might explain why this country has over three million saunas. 

By Charles Mafa

Why isn't there more success to show for the billions of donor funds being poured into African countries? And why is it that all too often the aid doesn't get through to the very people it is supposed to help? There can be no better example of why, than the case of the embezzlement of K34 million at the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU).

THE North-West Rail Company has completed the construction of the demo unit in Chingola in readiness for the ground-breaking ceremony of the US$1.1 billion railway line by President Edgar Lungu.

Wed, Oct 18, 2017, 12:57PM UTC

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